The Rejuvenators are specialist when it comes to air duct cleaning. We are able access any problems in air ducts with our modern equipment and trained technicians. Air ducts vary from home to home that is why we carry a whole line of 100% safe organic chemicals to deal with certain issues that we may find in your ducting system.

Air Ducts are constantly re-circulating air with capacious amount of dust. Over time layers of dust will start forming and this will intensify the amount of dust particles floating around your house. It could be the reason why you have to dust your home more frequently than usual. The environments of Air Ducts are perfect breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Dust mites will start inhabiting the duct work as well the potential risk of mold growing. All these problems can be averted with a simple annual Air Duct Cleaning by The Rejuvenators.

If your home is at least 3 years old and you never had Air Duct Cleaning done before we strongly recommend you do before problems start to appear. Air Duct Cleaning can be a very fast and simple process involving the use of our HEPA filtrated vacuums and agitating brushes. However older homes are much more likely to be infected with mold and high amounts of bacteria. With these types of home you will need to get the ducts sanitized with a disinfectant and a mold control solution. We administer these chemicals by the use of our fogging machine which will spray a precise amount solutions, this is a safe and effective way of removing these airborne contaminants.

Benefits of Having your Air Ducts Cleaned

Layers of dust in your duct will cause your A/C unit to work harder to cool/heat your home. Air Duct Cleaning will increase the efficiency of your Air Conditioning system as proven by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). You will also notice freshness to your home as your ducts emit 99% less dust. Your health is an important factor in all this because an infected ducting system can cause serious long-term lung defects and pose serious threat to the young and elderly.


Don’t wait until it’s too late call us today to schedule your Air Duct Cleaning!